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Community Outreach

Alt Text: elementry school students participate in an outreach dance class

Outreach in the Schools and Community

Cohesion offers one-time and ongoing outreach classes incorporating a variety of dance activities and movement explorations for schools and community groups in Helena and across the state.  Serving school-age children from preschool through high school up to older adults residing in senior living facilities, in-person and virtual classes are open to people of all abilities, including those with special needs or disabilities, and generally run 30-60 minutes in length. 

A variety of class options are available. 

Classes can:

  • Be strictly experiential and “just for fun”

  • Be geared toward getting participants more energized for the day OR used to settle, calm and get focused for the day.

  • Incorporate school curriculum or requested themes, and/or culminate in a final presentation piece, if desired. 

Alt Text: a group of students sit in a circle with their feet stretched toward the center

Outreach Goals

  •  Use movement for individual and personal expression while appropriately relating to self, surroundings, and others.

  • Practice a variety of motor skills and movement patterns encouraging strength, stamina, and flexibility.

  • Create movement while making deliberate choices about the elements of dance to reflect emotional, narrative, or aesthetic choices. 

For more information or to set up your one-time or ongoing community outreach event.

Alt Text: elementry school students participate in an outreach dance class
Alt Text: members of an assisted living facility stretch one leg forward from while seated in chairs
Alt Text: a local grouphome participates in an adapted dance class where colorful scarves are used
Alt Text: an instructor interacts with preschool students while using hula hoops and colorful scarves to dance
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