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Studio Classes


Cost-effective, integrated opportunities for dancers and non-dancers of all abilities.

Alt Text: group of young children dance being led by their instructor

Creative Movement

Creative movement uses music, play and imagination for fun and exciting dance and movement exercises.

Ages 3-5

Alt Text: three dancers lean to the left with their arms overhead in a C shape

Beginning Modern Dance

Beginning Modern teaches the fundamentals of modern dance technique, including floor work and basic dance terminology, as well as elements of jazz and ballet. 

Ages 6-8, 9-14, & 15 to adult


Alt text: a group of dancers leans backwards with one arm overhead and the second reaching forward

Intermediate/Advanced Modern

Intermediate & Advanced Modern builds on basic techniques through more difficult sequences, skills, and choreography, asking dancers to turn their movement into dance through expression, quality and execution.

Ages 12 to adult & 15 to adult

Alt Text: a group of dancers, both seated and standing, practice balancing with their arms overhead in a V formation

Movement for All

Movement for All is an integrated class that invites participants of all abilities, including those with disabilities, to dance and explore movement with curiosity and joy. 

Ages 7 to adult

Alt Text: three dancers utilizing high, medium, and low levels reach with one arm toward the upper left corner

Adaptive Dance for Disability

 This class provides creative movement for children and adults with special needs or developmental disability. This class is a safe, fun, and supportive environment for students to move, learn, and grow, Enjoying the artistic, social, and physical benefits of creative movement in an environment specifically tailored to their abilities.

Ages 6 to adult

Alt text: two dancers jump with one leg extended behind them

Ballet Basics I & II

Ballet Basics I & II increases strength and flexibility by introducing participants to the introductory vocabulary, terminology, and techniques of ballet. Taught in a supportive, positive environment, this class is perfect for anyone looking for tips on alignment, balance, or coordination. 

Ages 12 to adult


Scholarship Exchange Program

Cohesion offers unlimited, non-competitive, tuition assistance for classes and productions. 

What is the Scholarship Exchange Program?

Through the scholarship exchange program, a student or their family can trade volunteer hours for all or part of the student’s tuition or participation fees. Unlimited, non-competitive scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and hours must be completed during the session in which they are awarded.

What kinds of activities apply for the scholarship exchange?

Many different activities can fulfill exchange hours, including (but not limited to):

  • sewing, labeling, and laundering costumes

  • cleaning studio and shared spaces in the building

  • providing mentorship and assistance in classes

  • staffing events such as fundraisers and performances

  • & much more!

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out the application and return with your first payment to the CDP office.

  2. Cohesion staff will contact you about the number of hours due as well as a list of volunteer opportunities.

  3. Track your hours either in the volunteer notebook at the studio or online.


Please note: this form does not register you for classes. You need to register at the studio or online at


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I/my student wear for dance class?

We recommend wearing something that allows you to move freely and comfortably but is not too baggy.  Some suggestions are athletic wear, leggings, t-shirt, or leotards. Street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor unless a medical or personal need has been communicated to us beforehand.


Footwear - students can dance in bare feet or wear jazz shoes, foot undies, or socks, but be aware the instructor may ask you to remove socks for some exercises in which socks may cause slipping. 

Hair - please have your hair up and out of your face (ponytails and braids work great).

What Level Class should I register for?

For questions about which class level you or your student is best suited for, please contact us.

Please note: We reserve the right to change class arrangements depending on enrollment numbers and to ensure the safety of all participants.

What is the difference between monthly and full session payments?

We offer two payment options – either monthly or full session. Full session payments are made before classes start, whereas monthly payments are posted and due the first week of each month during the class session. You can select which schedule you prefer during your registration and you can also change your preference online through the Customer Portal. If you do not specify, your tuition will default to being posted monthly.

Do you do automatic payments?

Yes! If you would like your account to be charged automatically, please enter your card information when you register. Please note: When you enter your credit card information on the registration page, you are providing your account information to be charged according to the payment schedule that you select.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes! We offer unlimited, non-competitive financial assistance to any family in need. To learn more, click here.


To ensure the safety of our community during COVID-19, the following safety precautions are in place:

  • Masks or facial coverings are required for all who enter Cohesion Center including students and staff during classes; mask breaks are encouraged when needed

  • Class sizes are limited in all studios to allow for social distancing

  • Congregating in the waiting room and main lobby is discouraged

  • In general, to assist with traffic flow and to decrease gathering in common areas, students are entering through the main doors either into the waiting room or main lobby (depending on which studio their class is in) and exiting through the glass doors directly out of the each studio space

  • Social distancing is encouraged during classes and when in common areas. 

  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing measures are in place

If you have any further questions about how we are addressing the cleanliness or safety of classes and the facility, please call (406)422-0830 or e-mail

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