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Your donation helps us enrich, inspire, and unite the community through dance!

How your contribution supports Cohesion Dance Project:

Alt Text: elementry school movement class being held over computer



Provides supplies for outreach classes and summer camps.




Sponsors a disabled dancer for a full year of weekly, adaptive dance or integrated technique classes.

Alt Text: two dancers ride on-stage on a motorcycle, while a group of dancers gesture around them



Enables Elementary students to attend the schooltime matinee performance of Nutcrackers of the Rocks free of charge.

Alt Text: dancers explore different movement qualities



Enables a student with financial need to attend one  full week of half day summer dance workshop.

Alt Text: students at a local elementary school participate in a dance outreach class



Supports 10 weeks of dance outreach classes for a low-income or Special Education classroom. 




Supports community integration and performance creation for the Spring Artist Residency Program.

**To donate a custom amount please contact Cohesion at**
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