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Your donation helps us enrich, inspire, and unite the community through dance!

How your contribution supports Cohesion Dance Project:

Alt Text: elementry school movement class being held over computer



Supports 3-months of online software expenses for remote dance instruction for students and schools, statewide and beyond.

Alt Text: standing and seated dancers practice balancing with their arms in a V formation



Sponsors a disabled dancer for a full year of weekly, adaptive dance or integrated technique classes.

Alt Text: two dancers ride on-stage on a motorcycle, while a group of dancers gesture around them



Supports the design and build new interactive and  ramped set pieces for Nutcracker on the Rocks. 

Alt Text: a dancer stands on one foot with their other foot in extension behind them. Gauze fabric is held up by their hands, extended foot, and pooled around the floorspace



Supports artist fees for the Spring Artist Residency program creation/community integration and culminating performance.

Alt Text: dancers explore different movement qualities



Enables a student with financial need to attend one  full week of half day summer dance workshop.

Alt Text: students at a local elementary school participate in a dance outreach class



Supports 10 weeks of dance outreach classes for a low-income or Special Education classroom. 

Alt text: a single dancer stands at the front of the stage with arms raised above their head. In the background, a group of dancers gather in a crouched position



Provides travel & lodging for Nutcracker on the Rocks guest artist rehearsal director. 

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