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Teacher Training

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9:00-9:30am Registration

BrainDance: foundational understanding of the science behind the BrainDance.

Brain Compatible Dance Education: how this positively affects class management, behavior, learning, focus, and promotes inclusion.

9:00-9:30am Registration

Collaborative Variations: the framework for establishing self-awareness, trust, and cooperation.

Exploring Dance Concepts: discover how the dance concepts develop social-emotional intelligence, provide a scaffold for connection to curriculum, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Creating Dances: generate movement that is connected to curriculum using choreographic prompts from language arts, science, social studies, and visual arts.

1 day pass: $100, 2 day pass: $175

Alt Text: teachers recieve instruction to further their dance knowlege

Teacher Training and Professional Development

Sharing skills to integrate, adapt and move, Cohesion provides training and professional development opportunities across the state to dance instructors wanting to make their dance classes more inclusive and to school teachers, paraeducators and administrators wanting to integrate creative movement into their classroom.  Whether hosting national leaders in the field of adaptive dance, like AXIS Dance Company, or sharing their own extensive experience working with students with disabilities and special education classrooms, Cohesion’s trainings support dance and school educators striving to meet the diverse needs of their student population.


Interested in hosting Cohesion for a school-based teacher training?

Stay tuned for future community trainings hosted by Cohesion or coming to a community near you!

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